Virtual Events

Spreading the word, anytime and anyplace

Covid-19 changed the world in many ways. Literally overnight, meetings and gatherings were cancelled. The worst part is that the future has become unknown, however it does not mean you have to disconnect from your members, employees or social group. Now, even more, we need to contact and support to each other, and explore the opportunities to connect to one another and look beyond tomorrow.

Virtual events offer an opportunity to maintain that connection and support. In a world where we seem to cancel events in our lives and reschedule them at a later date, virtual presentations and training offer a way to set a date for your event, stick to it and inject some normality and connection back into life. 

One of these changes is the rise in the popularity (and usefulness) of virtual meetings and events. Many of my presentations and seminars can be presented virtually using your favourite online meeting software such as Zoom or Google Meet. 

If you are not sure how best to adapt your meeting or event to a virtual setting, please let me know.

Virtual Presentations

Presentations and question and answer session delivered over your choice of online meeting application.
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Blended Training

Blended training provides a mixture of physical training material and virtual support.
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Pre-recorded Presentations

Certain presentations have been pre-recorded and can be available or viewing for your event or group.
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Podcasts & Media Interviews

It has never been easier to engage people going distance. If you have a podcast or require a media interview, then lets chat.
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