Factors Influencing Symptom Severity

January 1, 2018

Envenomation from venomous creatures is influenced by several factors. These factors should be taken into consideration when assessing the potential severity of the expected symptoms.

  • Strength of venom.
  • Amount of venom injected (number of bites or stings).
  • Location of the bite or sting.
  • Age of patient.
  • Body mass of patient.
  • Pre-existing medical condition of patient, such as chronic diabetes.
  • Patients individual reaction if any.

All of these factors will influence the sytmpoms experienced by the patient and, in turn, the treatment. In some instances, a sting from a mildly venomous creature may cause serious symptoms in one patient, yet cause mild symptoms that may not even require medical attention in another.

Generally speaking, the fitter and more healthy a patient is, the better they are able to cope with venom. Note that allergic reactions should not be confused with symptoms that are directly related to venom.


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