Scorpion Antivenom

Essential Spider Bite First Response

23rd January 2021, Kraal Restaurant, Kibler Park. This Essential Spider Bite First Response Presentation provides a structured framework that provides the understanding and knowledge that will greatly reduce the risk of being bitten by a spider, and provide the ability to create the best possible outcome, should a spider bite occur in both humans and pets.
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Creepy Crawly Walk, Kloofendal Nature Reserve

8am to 10am, 6th March 2021, Creepy Crawly Walk, Kloofendal Nature Reserve. Organised by Friends Of Kloofendal Nature Reserve and led by author, speaker and conservationist Jonathan Leeming. Book online!
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Spider Bite & Scorpion Sting First Aid Course

9am to 1pm, 7th March 2021, Kloofendal Nature Reserve. This spider bite and scorpion sting first aid course will give the participants the understanding and knowledge to: Prepare for a spiderbite or scorpion sting emergency. Act effectively in the case of a spiderbite of scorpion sting. Apply effective first aid. Understand when professional medical intervention is required. Presented by southern Africa leading expert on spider bites and scorpion stings. Course includes training manual, workbook, assessment and certificate.
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