Essential Marine First Response

Developed and presented by Jonathan Leeming


This Essential Marine Envenomation Bite First Response Presentation provides a structured framework that provides the understanding and knowledge that will greatly reduce the risk of being bitten or stung by a marine animal, and provide the ability to create the best possible outcome, should a bite or sting occur in both humans and pets.

  • Roles and responsibilities of the first responder.
  • 4 Principles of living or working where venomous animals occur.
  • Zone risk assessment.
  • Medically important marine animals. (Stingray, Stonefish, Lionfish, Blue bottle Jellyfish, Coneshell)
  • Venom.
  • Envenomation.
  • Antivenom.
  • Responding to an emergency.
  • Emergency Response Plan.

This framework of understanding can be applied anytime and anywhere, does not require any special equipment. Participants get access to exclusive marine envenomation related online resources that will help them implement what they learn. Developed and presented by Jonathan Leeming.

Exclusive Free Resources

Participants get access to exclusive free marine envenomation first response resources which prepare for a envenomation and ensure the best possible outcome!


  • Presented by Jonathan Leeming
  • Duration is 45 minutes.
  • This presentation can be delivered in person or virtually.
  • Participants get access to exclusive marine envenomation related online resources that will help them implement what they learn.


  • Prepare for a spiderbite emergency. 
  • To understand how to reduce the risk of being bitten.
  • To understand where spiders can be found and why.
  • To react to an encounter with a spider in the correct manner. 
  • To identify medically important spiders.
  • To respond competently in case of a spiderbite.  

Ideal for?

  • Everyone who enjoys the great outdoors!
  • Field guides and lodge staff.
  • Employees who work in areas inhabited by venomous marine animals. 
  • Conservationists and field workers.
  • Scuba divers, watersport enthusiasts, and beach walkers.

Available As A Virtual Presentation

This presentation is available as a virtual presentation. There are also related downloads for participants of this presentation.   If you are not sure about virtual prescient then please click on the button below.
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Jonathan Leeming

Jonathan Leeming is author of 9 books (Scorpions of southern Africa, Scorpions of Sabi Sands, Spider & Scorpion Risk Assessment, Venomous Animal General Awareness, Risk Assessment & First Aid, Antivenom Management, General Awareness, First Aid Guide To Spider Bites & Scorpion Stings).

He consults for the Poison Information Helpline, various organisations and speaks at medical conferences on the subject of envenomation. Best selling author, professional speaker and conservationist, Jonathan brings a fresh and unique insight into the subject of venomous animals and their bites and stings.
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