Kloofendal Development Appeal

Kloofendal Nature Reserve Development, Appeal.

Development approval document received 20th January 2021

Despite community objections regarding this development, it has been approved by GDARD. It is unacceptable that the reserve infrastructure is in dire need of maintenance, yet financial resources are being used for new developments.

Although, interested parties have until the 9th February 2021 to lodge an official appeal against this development going ahead, a request has been made to extend this deadline. You may submit your appeal even after the deadline. Please see the Kloofendal Grounds Of Appeal - User Guide for more details.

GDARD environmental authorisation document, with details on how to appeal the development. This document can be Click here to download this document (608kb PDF)

Community Objections To The Project

A recent new development has been approved at Kloofendal Nature Reserve, however, with so many areas of Kloofendal in dire need of maintenance and management, the financial resources would be better spent in maintaining various parts of reserve infrastructure and facilities. 

Therefore the basis for our appeal is the following:

i. Insufficient participation caused by minimal communication from the Applicant

There was no public participation regarding development of the proposed project itself.  

A public meeting was held to discuss the project on Thursday 6th February 2020 at 6pm held at the Kloofendal Environmental Centre. Representatives of the project from the Applicant (Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo) were notified and invited to attend the meeting in good time. One person arrived on behalf of Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo but was not able to answer questions in any detail.

The Environmental Authorisation contains no mention of the outcome of public participation, nor mentions any public objections, nor reasons given for rejecting the public objections.

Kloofendal Nature Reserve already has a three bedroom property in which the reserve manager lives as well as a cottage, three offices behind the amphitheater and 3 store rooms used as dressing rooms by the Expanded Public Works Program. There is an existing ecological centre with its own kitchen and toilet facilities. The existing infrastructure is not being maintained yet Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo feel the need to spend taxpayers money on more accommodation for Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo staff and a welcome centre with a restaurant.

We appeal to GDARD to require the Applicant to show evidence for the need for both the Reception/ Visitor’s Centre and Staff Quarters. 

ii. The Kloofendal Nature Reserve is in need of urgent maintenance

The following have been identified as issues that require urgent attention. These issues have been brought to the attention of reserve management without any remediation.  The Ward Councillor of the area described the proposed buildings as a luxury.

  • Security - Safety is a fundamental right for every South African, not only the safety of the users of the reserve but also the fauna and flora, natural and man-made assets. The boundary fence is in urgent need of maintenance.  Kloofendal nature reserve is used by criminals especially at night to access properties for the intent of house breaking and theft, copper wire theft, stray dogs entering the reserve to hunt, poaching and illegal collecting of fauna and flora.
  • Sewerage system - Sewerage leaks have become a common occurrence in the reserve, contaminating the water in the dam and wetland and further downstream. This pollution is killing fauna and flora and is a health risk to visitors and water uses further downstream. The sewerage pipes are in dire need of proper assessment and remediation.
  • Invasive vegetation - invasive plants, particularly declared Alien Invasive Plants are overtaking our indigenous plants in many parts of the reserve.
  • Protection of historical assets - The stamp mills urgently requires a roof.
  • Lawn areas - provide a focal point for recreation.  These areas have become degraded over time. 
  • Infrastructure maintenance - assets in need of maintenance include the dam spillway, bridge over the dam wall, boundary fencing (see security), parking. Many sections of the paths are badly eroded and need remediation for the users’ safety.

If you feel that this development is unnecessary and financial resources should be redirected to maintaining reserve infrastructure, then please lodge an appeal.

Details of areas of improvement as proposed by Friends Of Kloofendal Nature Reserve  Click here to download this document (5.5mb PDF)

Roodepoort Record article published 1st February 2021. Provides background to the project objections with pictures. Click here to download (1.1mb PDF)

How To Make An Appeal

If you wish to support the appeals process, then please spend 20 minutes of your time to lodge an appeal.

The following documents provide the background into the appeals process. Please note that it is not necessary to read these documents.

The official governmental guideline to the appeal regulations form (National- applies to all provinces) Guideline to the appeal regulations form​

The Appeals Form

The following Word document is an editable Appeals Form. This form already contains the project information required for an appeal. Please fill in your personal details. Please use the Kloofendal Grounds Of Appeal - User Guide (see below) for guidelines of how to complete the appeal.

An editable copy of the NEMA Appeals Form with Kloofendal Development Project Details already filed-in. Click to Download This Document (29kb Word Document)

Appeals Form Completion Guide

The following PDF is a user guide which will help you complete the Grounds for Appeal section of the Appeals Document. Note that the following document represents suggestions, based upon meetings and discussions with Friends Of Kloofendal Nature Reserve, the local community and interested and affected parties. You are encouraged to use your own words and own details.

In order to help you complete the Appeal form, please download and refer to the Kloofendal Grounds of Appeal -  User Guide (598kb PDF)

Your appeal must submitted to the following on or before the 9th February 2021.

Please send your completed document to:

  • The Appeals Administrator
  • Fax No: (011) 240 -3150 or (011) 240-2700
  • Appeals@gauteng.gov.za

It is important that you CC the Friends Of Kloofendal Nature Reserve Chairman on sspotty@pixie.co.za

Friends Of Kloofendal Nature Reserve

Friends of Kloofendal is an open conservation NGO (NPO No 092-239) that focuses on the Kloofendal Nature Reserve in the suburb of Kloofendal in the West of Johannesburg.  Our Vision focuses on preservation, ecology and education.

Friends of Kloofendal have been arranging guided nature walks on a wide variety of topics since 2003.  Walks last two hours or a little longer and are led by guides who are either recognized experts in their fields or are FGASA qualified.

Visit the FRoK website for reserve maps, event details and further information https://kloofendalfriends.yolasite.com/

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