Stings from these scorpions are not medically important at all. A mild allergic reaction may be experienced. It is best to just leave the sting site alone.

Do not do any of the following:

  • Cut the sting site.
  • Apply Heat.
  • Apply Banana skins, vinegar, lemon or lemon juice, petrol, diesel, surface cleaner, milk, raw egg or any other none medical substance.
  • Apply or drink petrol (or diesel).

Still Need Help?

Contact the Tygerberg Hospitals Poison Information Helpline on 999 999-9999

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  • Localised Pain

    Pain of usually so mild that it rarely needs any first aid. Do not attempt to rub or put pressure on the sting site. Do not apply a bandage. The pain should subside within minutes.

  • Panic and Anxeity

    Although the symptoms of this kind of sting are mild, patients can become anxious and panic. Try to calm the person down. Do not give the patient alcohol.

  • Allergic Reaction

    So called “Goose Bumps” and redness around the sting site is a sign of a mild allergic reaction which can be treated with an antihistamine cream. Apply lightly to the sting site.

    There is no evidence that indicates that people allergic to bee stings will be allergic to scorpion venom.