Sac Spiders are common in most peoples homes.

These spiders are often very common inside houses. Straw coloured with a black face, these spiders wander about at night in search for prey and mates. During their noctural wanderings they may come into contact with humans.

  • Sac Spiders are mistakenly blamed for many bite-like symptoms.
  • Symptoms of their bite are very characteristic.
  • A common place to find Sac Spider retreats is between the window and the frame.

Bites from Sac Spiders are more common than bites from Violin Spiders. Unless the patient actually sees the spider bite them, misdiagnosis of their bites is common. There are definite symptoms of a Sac Spider bite which can be used to aid identification of the culprit.

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Waking up with a bite mark or lesion does not mean you have been bitten by a spider!


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