Bites In The Night

Why living in areas inhabited by venomous animals shouldn’t keep you up all night!


So you have had an encounter with a venomous animal which has made you more than a little nervous. You have an idea of how venomous they can be and deep down in you, there is a notion that the world would be a better place if they did not exist.

However, your reaction to these animals is not based upon facts, but rather an indication of how disconnected we have become from nature. For most, venomous animals represent mythical creatures whose reputation is loosely sewn together with old wives tales, rumours, Internet hoaxes, hearsay and exaggerations. Behind their veil of venomosity, lies an unseen world of amazing ingenuity and fascination.

Bites In The Night takes a fresh look at venomous animals and how the 3 principles of living in areas with venomous animals can be used as the ultimate weapon to reduce the risk of being bitten or stung, and create an understanding of these animals. Bites in the night is an entertaining and thought provoking exploration of all venomous animals that compliments sustainability, and health and safety efforts.

General Awareness Booklet

Bites In the Night is a general awareness program that focuses upon living and working in area inhabited by venomous animals. As part of the program a General awareness booklet can be give to all the participants. This booklet reinforces the message of Bites In The Night, environmental polity and sustainability.


  • Venomous animal awareness.
  • Conservation.
  • Sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Health and Safety.

Suitable for

  • Special interest groups
  • Corporates
  • Conservation groups


  • 1 hour