In this 1 hour presentation, Jonathan explores the subject of spider bites touching on soceities perceptions of these creatures. Hoax emails, misinformation, are covers plus medically important spiders, their identification, bites and natural history. Leveraging over 20 years of exprience working with venomous spiders and scorpions all over Africa, Jonathan uncovers the misinformation, secrets and spider related hoaxes in his unique and entertaining way.

“I never thought I’d laugh so much during a talk on a subject on spider bites. Thank you for a most enlightening and entertaining evening” Jan Mostert

“Thanks for the lecture, it was indeed splendid!” Lebo Mabena

“Jonathan’s ability to explain complex subjects with humor and simple analogies is beyond brilliant” Anne Taylor

“It was an awesome experience – one of the few lectures I have attended where going to ‘Yawn’ was not possible because I hung onto every world!” Danashka Labuschagne

[box][googlefont font=”Oswald” size=”18px” margin=”0px 0 10px 0″]Never before has such a small creature caused such misguided hysteria, in such a large proportion of soceity.[/googlefont][/box]