Jonathan Leeming
Jonathan is a unique individual. After working in the corporate world for over 15 years, he resigned to follow his love for 8 legged creepy crawlies that bite and sting. Professional speaker, author and conservationist, Jonathan uses lessons from Nature to find solutions to modern problems. His unique brand of insight, fondness for venomous creatures, energetic and deeply passionate style of presentation makes for an entertaining and unforgettable experience.
visit and fasten your mental seatbelt on a journey to discover how a secret world right at your feet can inspire and ignite your organisation to greatness.


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When we change from learning about nature to learning from nature, we can begin to unlock the estimated 30 million design solutions which have been developed over the past 3.8 billion years.
If you think Nature is out to get you then you are wrong! Nature is as impartial as a rock, the wind and rain.

Bitten by a Spider?

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Stung by a Scorpion?

Stung by a scorpion? Click here to find out more about scorpion stings and their symptoms.

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Need an Identification?

Have you found a spider or scorpion and want to know what it is and if it is highly venomous or not?

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Do you live in Gauteng and have found a small scorpion in your house?

During the warmer times of the year these scorpions become mobile in the environment and end up trapped in bathtubs, sinks and showers. They have also been found under face clothes, dish cloths and in laundries.

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Jonathan’s highly acclaimed books, Scorpions of Southern Africa, and a First Aid Guide to Spider Bites and Scorpion Stings, have been described as milestones in scorpion conservation.

Professional Speaker

Well known for his enthusiasm and energetic personaility, Jonathan’s presentations and lectures have been described as insightful, passionate and inspirational.


Jonathan’s mission in life is to work towards a better understanding and tolerance of these misunderstood creatures through surveys, conservation projects and environmental education.

The VenomWorks risk solution is a unique, innovative and integrated approach to venomous animal risk management for the modern organisation. It leverages specialist knowledge and experience, risk assessment, training and skills development, regular audits and monitoring.



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